Today, Thursday December 5th 2019 there is to be a ‘Peaceful Placard Protest’ outside Spark’s Auckland Head Office in Victoria St. Protestors will gather at Victoria Park at 11.30am and at 12pm will walk to Spark. The protest will conclude by 2pm.

Protestors will ask Spark to halt the roll out of 5G, and request the government places a moratorium on 5G until more research is done into its effects on people, and the environment. This is the same request as was made by protestors outside Vodafone on October 23rd .

What is worrying many people about 5G is the lack of research done that proves its safety. Recently Professor Dariusz Leszcynsky PhD, DSc, Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry, Division of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, University of Helsinki, Finland, toured New Zealand speaking about this. Regardless of this man’s acclaimed academic status, no government ministers would meet with him. “This blinkered approach is almost un-believable in a democratic country,” says Lisa Er, co- organiser of the protest.

Dr. Leszczynski says there is an urgent need to start research studies examining effects of millimeter-waves on human health. However, there is a strong resistance from the telecom industry, and clearly from this government, to start new research programmes. The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), and the telecom industry, strongly propagates the idea that the low power of EMF emissions from the 5G devices will guarantee that human health will not be affected, but this is not proven, and the ICNIRP is an NGO that appoints their own members and is not free of bias!

“Almost 10 thousand New Zealand citizens have signed a petition saying, we call on the New Zealand Government to exercise the Precautionary Principle and place a Moratorium on 5G until more independent scientific research is done on the cumulative biological effects of 5G on the health and safety of citizens and the environment, and the technology has been proven to be safe,” says concerned citizen Laurie Ross, “and I think that proves considerable concern about what is being foisted on us without our consent.

On TVNZ’s “Q + A” this week people were told to go to the Ministry of Health web site for information, but the information is outdated (1998) and does not effectively deal with the new issues around 5G. The guidelines are, according to an article in The Lancet based on a premise that microwave radiation (RFEMR) is safe causing only thermal heating effects. The premise has now been proven to be incorrect, yet these are the suggested guidelines. 

The Ministry of Health’s 5G ‘Factsheet’ contains inaccurate and misleading statements, particularly the statement that the existing body of research can be applied to 5G.Strong and independent research on the 5G is sadly lacking but we do know that as these higher frequencies do not travel as far as the lower frequencies, cell sites will need to be deployed at a much higher density than with previous lower frequencies.

Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines, and which the WHO actually classified as a Class 2B carcinogen in 2011.

Co- organiser of the protest John Hieatt says “I am concerned there has been no consultation with the public by the government or the telecommunications companies about the risks of 5G, and whether we even need it. 5G has not been proven safe, and in fact there is much scientific evidence that it is not. I am concerned about the very young, as I have three grandchildren of my own”.