The Ch’i Drinks Workshop is not missing out on the Black Friday craze this week, announcing 40% off its Ch’i Source – Natural Alkaline Spring Water.

Released only a few weeks ago, the distinctive black-labelled water has received hugely positive consumer feedback.

“Everyone tells us it’s incredibly soft and smooth. We’re then cheekily suggesting, once you drink black, you’ll never go back,” says Ray Nicholls, owner of Ch’i Drinks.

The well-known New Zealand beverage company was keen to get on board Black Friday, spotting an opportunity to promote not only its new water product but its rebranded website and online shop.

By simply adding the coupon code ‘Black40’, customers can order up to a dozen 750ml bottles, with the 40%-off deal closing at midnight on 2 December.

Ch’i Source boasts an impressive pH of 9.7, which is at the top end of the pH scale for naturally alkaline water anywhere in the world. What’s more, the water is bottled entirely in its natural state at source.

“We always knew our water was special. People have been asking us for years if we’d ever branch out from our herbal drinks and do a water product. Well here it is, with Ch’i Source getting rave reviews,” says Nicholls.

He says with Black Friday delivering more people the opportunity to enjoy the water’s smooth taste, Ch’i Drinks is now keen to participate in the global retail promotion annually.

In the spirit of the occasion, Ch’i Drinks says it wouldn’t be a Black Friday without an ‘Act Now’ incentive. Its enticing its fastest-acting customers to potentially receive 50% off their Ch’i Source purchase by adding the coupon code ‘Black50’ via

“Whether it’s 40% or 50% off, this is an insane offer for possibly the highest naturally alkaline water in the world,” says Ray Nicholls.