Thanks to provider of daily flights between KÄpiti and Auckland, Air Chathams, KÄpiti residents and visitors will get a second chance at a retro-flying experience above the KÄpiti landscape next January, in the airline’s classic DC3 ZK-AWP aircraft.

The airline first offered KÄpiti scenic flights on the pride and joy of its fleet at the KÄpiti Coast Airport Open Day, held to welcome the new service to the District in August 2018.

KÄpiti Coast District Mayor K Gurunathan said the news was exciting for the Summer and he hoped to be on board one of the flights this time around.

“Our communities and economy are benefitting from the connectedness they’ve continued to have on offer since Air Chathams stepped in to pick up the route left open by Air NZ’s departure, and we value that highly.

“The company recognises the support and welcome our community’s given them, and they’re showing their commitment to this service and solidifying a long-term future for the route.”

He said Council remained committed to growing air services in the KÄpiti district and leveraging the value of the airport in supporting business, family and visitor connections.

In addition to Air Chathams, Soundsair connects the Coast to the upper South Island and Heliworx offers regular scenic flights and connections to accommodation, attractions and activities. A June 2018 economic evaluation estimated the net economic benefit of the airport to KÄpiti to be around $4.3million annually.

The 30-minute DC3 scenic flights are on sale through from 7 December. Flights run Saturday 11 January and Sunday 12 January at 10:30am, 11:30am, 1:00pm, 2:00pm and 3:00pm. Go to for more details.