Nelson Tasman’s Hybrid Bikes is taking the cycling fraternity by storm, achieving a top ranking of 80% for two of its bikes in the latest Consumer NZ rankings of e-bikes and beating out other established brands such as Specialized, Moustache and Smartmotion.

This latest success comes off the back of having established nationwide distribution for Hybrid Bikes and attracting attention from overseas markets, after only two years in business.

“We’re so thrilled that cyclists are enjoying our e-bikes, both as cruisers and trail bikes,” says Hybrid Bikes owner Frank Witowski. “This ranking from Consumer NZ tells us that we’re definitely providing high quality and value for money for e-bike buyers.”

Hybrid Bikes’ carbon fibre frame bikes are strong, durable, sleek, and light. They’re faster than comparative e-bikes and at $4950 they are significantly less expensive than other carbon fibre bikes on the market. Hybrid Bikes use only proven components from trusted manufacturers and the bikes can be used like a normal bike without the motor.

“Our carbon fibre frames are not only very smart in design and finish, they are also very light which means they handle very well when you ride them around town or on a tour. Our bikes are light, sleek, and well balanced so they’re still great to ride if you’re using them like a normal bike.”

Hybrid Bikes also have a significantly greater load capacity (160kg) compared with 100kg for an alloy frame. “The Hybrid Bikes M18 Speedmaster commuter and the Hybrid Bikes F18 low bar Cruiser can easily take on most cycling tracks, such as the Wilderness Trail on the West Coast.”

Witowski believes that there are real advantages for the consumer when they buy an e-bike from a New Zealand business.

“Being a New Zealand business is important to us and we stand behind our product completely. This means we offer an extended warranty compared to other brands, because we believe in our bikes 100 percent.”